Lower rates and better value for them… Capable and responsible council officers… Safer streets… Of course I care about these things but there’s also more to being a councillor - more than rates and roads and rubbish collection.

I contest this election because there are many problems affecting the quality of suburban life in decades ahead. Some of them may only appear serious to those getting older - like myself. When you get older, you worry more about your children and grandchildren. Time also moves more quickly as you age and a few decades seems nothing. We are definitely using the planet and our little bit of it in Gosnells too fast! Local government can do more about this than you think. It can apply more pressure to State and Federal governments.

The same applies to the problem of unaffordable housing that now comes on cramped 300 sqm blocks and in neighbourhoods that are shadeless heat sinks. The houses both costs too much and, to add insult to injury, are lacking in essential qualities that would make them real homes.

I grew up in Kenwick and returned 7 years ago. But, for my first 18 years I scrambled over a whole acre of dirt filled with garden and surrounded by bush - 4000 sqm, not 300. There may be no place for 1 acre lots in modern cities but 300 sqm is too small. I left Kenwick for the northern suburbs and university where I stayed - to spend my life as a teacher – teaching politics and planning around the country.

I run for Council as an independent candidate, not affiliated with any ticket or political party. Such affiliations can confuse loyalties. I will serve ratepayers and the community first.