Gosnells Civic Centre Gosnells Civic Centre
Campaign Introduction

I spent my first 20 years growing up in the City of Gosnells and have been here again for the last five. I have grown children and was a career academic – in the fields of politics and applied policy. My last ten years of university employment were spent at the Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy at Murdoch researching and teaching postgraduate courses in city planning and development theory. Though retired, I continue to write and have become a small-scale land developer.

Major issues of concern to me include:

Urban Consolidation: Good? or Bad & Ugly?

The State Government’s strategic plan – Directions 2031 and Beyond – for the and its infill development threatening the quality of life in middle and outer suburbs across Perth, especially the Albany Highway corridor. read more

Housing Affordability

It well known that home ownership is increasingly beyond the reach of younger lower income households of the kind that might once have settled more easily in the City of Gosnells. read more

Public Service: Culture & Conscentiousness

The 640+ employees of the City of Gosnells are our local public servants and they are mostly doing an excellent job. read more

Cleaning & Greening Public Space

streets, parks and carparks. read more

Authorised by Peter Vintila